Meiko Jane humiliates you with a makeover

Meiko Jane crossdressing humiliation

Can you imagine being humiliated by a crossdressing makeover by Meiko Jane?

As soon as you walked through the door, your dominating girlfriend Meiko Jane was all over you. She had that look in her eyes – the one that made your stomach churn with a mix of fear and excitement. “You’re my man now,” she declared, her lips curling into a sly smile.

Meiko Jane crossdressing humiliation

You knew what it meant. It meant that she was going to dress you up like a doll and make you her little bitch girlfriend. You had experienced it before, but somehow, each time felt like the first. She loved playing these power games, and you could never resist her manipulative ways.

But tonight, something was different. She didn’t seem as enthralled by you as usual. In fact, she told you outright that she hadn’t been digging you lately. Your aura, your personality, the way you looked – none of it seemed to please her anymore.

“Just not doing it for you anymore?” you asked, trying to keep the hurt out of your voice.

She shrugged nonchalantly. “Well, everyone knows I don’t have many girlfriends,” she said casually, a hint of disdain in her tone. “But you…you could be different. You could be special.”

You felt a twinge of hope at her words, until she continued.

“I figured I could make you one of my new girlfriends,” she said with a smirk. “It’ll be fun.”

Your heart flipped as you realized what she meant by “fun.” She wanted to turn you into another one of her puppets – someone who would do anything she asked without question or hesitation. And based on the wicked gleam in her eye, you knew it would involve more than just dressing up.

“Come on,” she urged, grabbing your hand and leading you towards her room. “I’ve got something special planned for you tonight.”

You followed obediently, unable to resist her pull even though every fiber of your being was screaming for you to run away, to break free from her hold.

When you reached her room, she opened up her closet and pulled out a black garment bag. You felt your stomach drop as she unzipped it to reveal one of her favorite outfits – a black leather bra and panties and thigh-high boots.

“Get dressed,” she demanded, tossing the outfit at you, telling you how good you’ll look in it when you’re out on the street sucking dick!

You hesitated for a moment, but the commanding tone in her voice left you with no choice. Slowly, you undressed and put on the forbidden articles of clothing, feeling more and more like a submissive plaything with each item that you donned.

Meiko Jane watched intently as you transformed into her ideal girlfriend – the perfect blend of sexual domination and humiliation for you. She loved seeing you in this vulnerable state, knowing that you would do anything for her when you were under her spell.

But deep down, you couldn’t deny the thrill that surged through you every time she took control. As much as you hated to admit it, there was a part of you that craved her dominance – even if it meant sacrificing your own agency and dignity.

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