Mistress Goldie makes you lap up cum

Goldie Blair cum eating instruction

You’re used to your mistress Goldie Blair having complete control over your sexual desires and actions. In fact, you crave it. But tonight, as she stands before you in her black leather lingerie, her huge tits on full display, there is a sense of something different in the air. She looks at you with a boldness that you’ve never seen before, a fire burning behind her eyes that makes you both excited and nervous at the very same time.

“Are you ready to take our dom-sub relationship to the next level?” she asks, her sexy raspy voice low and commanding.

You swallow nervously, not sure what she means but eager to please her. She knows just how to push your buttons and make you weak in the knees. You nod, unable to find your voice.

Goldie steps closer, placing a hand on your shoulder as she leans in to whisper in your ear. “I want you to jerk your cock for me, and then eat your own cum!”

Your heart races at her words. This is uncharted territory for you, but the thought of satisfying your mistress’s every whim and desire is too enticing to resist.

Without hesitation, you begin to stroke yourself to Goldie’s jerk off instruction as she watches intently. Her eyes never leave yours as she urges you on. “That’s it, my little slut. Jerk that cock for me like a good boy!”

You can feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge, and when you finally reach your climax, Goldie’s voice rings out loud and clear. “Now catch every drop! I want you to lap up every last bit of it.”

As hot spurts of cum shoot out onto your hand from your throbbing cock, Goldie stands back with a satisfied smile on her face. “Mmm…now lick it up,” she commands.

You hesitate for a moment, but then you bring your hand to your face and begin to drink up your own jizz, lapping it up like a thirsty animal.

“Yes, that’s it. Be a good boy and clean up every last drop,” Goldie purrs, her eyes never leaving you.

And as you finish cleaning up your mess, Goldie looks down at you with a mixture of pride and dominance. “You’re such a good little cum eating slut for me.”

It’s an intense experience, one that pushes you to the limits and leaves you feeling both embarrassed and exhilarated. But if there’s one thing you know for sure, it’s that this is just the beginning. You crave more of these humiliating experiences, and luckily for you, JOI Humiliation has plenty to offer.

As you explore the different scenarios and fantasies on the site, you can’t help but wonder what else Goldie Blair and her femdom pornstar friends have in store for you. Will they continue to push your boundaries and make you submit to every command like Goldie does? Or will they surprise you with something even more taboo and forbidden?

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