Two dominant hotties

Moxxie Maddron and Nicki Hunter love nothing more than when they get a hold of a guy and put him through some femdom facesitting hell. This is exactly what you get in this scene and you will not be disappointed. These girls know their stuff and they love doing it. They are sporting some insanely sexy corsets and they are ready for some serious male humiliation action that starts from the get go. They torment his cock with their high heels and they take turns smothering him with those meaty slits and their booties. One of the girls is so horny that she stretches her pussy flaps over his mouth to make sure he cannot get any air except from the depths of her wet pussy. And if you thought that it doesn`t get any hotter than thatthen get ready for a surprise. The girls whip out a candle and they drip hot wax all over their luscious asses and their pink pussies. Of course

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